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Let’s Talk About Self-Care

  You’re the most important person in the world. Maybe not to your co-workers, neighbors, some friends, who you’re dating. We hope you are, but that’s not really the point. And because you’re human, it’s inevitable from time to time you won’t agree with the leading sentence to this little paragraph. But it’s true. You’re […]

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Office Manager Tips: How to Properly Restock your Snack Supplies

Office Manager Tips: How to Properly Restock your Snack Supplies

Getting through a workday can be tough. The best remedy to cure long hours of work would be a nice mid-day snack! Snacks, in our honest opinions, are essential to offices who look to improve work productivity and happiness for their employees. Importance of Having Snacks: Which begs the question, how important is it to […]

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Chewse office meals san francisco los angeles catering

What’s Happened in 2017?

What a ride it has been! Strolling through our first 2 quarters of 2017, we couldn’t be more proud of our Chewse family. With the expansion of a new city, that opens the door for new restaurants, new Chewselings, and hungry new customers for us to serve! With the closing of Series B, we’re moving […]

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Salad Bar with Chewse

Making Chewse’s Catered Lunches Even Better With Salad Bars

Introducing: Salad Bars! Ah, lunch time — that sacred hour to refuel, hang out with your colleagues, and maybe even solve all the company’s problems in one sitting. Jokes aside, we obviously take lunch quite seriously here at Chewse, as well as your feedback on what your team wants and needs. We’ve heard you loud […]

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Office Manager Tips: How To Keep Your Office Running Smoothly

As an Office Manager, you are the joy, the energy, and happiness that goes around the office. That doesn’t necessarily mean every day is a walk in the park for you. You encounter many challenges trying to make your office run efficiently, being the point person for office amenities and supplies, and coming up with […]

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4 Ways to Beat June Gloom

(Image from Lake Chalet) 1- Beat June Gloom by going across the bridge to Oakland to soak up the sun on some awesome patios. Enjoy a cold brew with a gorgeous view of Lake Merritt at Lake Chalet on their massive pier. Plus get sliders for $3 and $10 burger and beer specials during happy […]

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Chewse Raises $7M Series B (And More!)

In August of 2015 we made a big company announcement. We’d successfully raised a Series A funding round led by Foundry Group. Today, nearly two years later, and almost coincidentally, we have two new exciting and challenging announcements: We’ve successfully raised a $7M Series B. We’re coming back to Los Angeles. Chewse’s $7M Series B […]

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Work out to relieve stress

Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month. Working in the startup world, stress is somewhat unavoidable for most of us. Whether because of the nature of our job, or because of the lifestyle and day-to-day activities we engage in, stress is common and very often overlooked. As a culture-first company, providing a welcoming and healthy environment for our […]

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What Should I Do With My Office’s Leftovers?

My Office Loves Lunch, But We Hate Leftovers Ok, maybe we don’t “hate” leftovers. They’re great when we don’t have lunch the next day, but they’re inconvenient on Fridays and sometimes our fridge is already fully stocked. So if you’re like us you probably face the same predicament at least twice a week: What do we […]

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What Happened in January?

We started 2017 out with a bang! Our team have been working hard to make your office meals quite the experience with our exceptional service. Here’s a quick overview on our January update and new tasty foods and treats coming your way: New Website Redesign: After countless effort and collective thoughts from the entire team, […]

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Lunar New Year Flower Market

San Francisco Celebrates the Lunar New Year

We’re strolling through that time of the year. Fireworks, red envelopes and, if you are lucky enough, delicious meals prepared by your amazing grandmother; Lunar New Year is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year by millions of families across the globe. Expect a lot of festivities throughout the months of January and February […]

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What Happened In December?

2016 is officially over. Welcome, 2017! With new Chewselings, new menus and restaurants, and new ideas flowing through Chewse, we are ready to pack a punch going into 2017. Here’s a quick recap on what happened in our last month of 2016. Driver and Meal Host appreciation party: At Chewse, we pride ourselves in providing an […]

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How To Healthify Your Chewse Meal

There’s nothing more satisfying than gathering for a hearty Chewse meal, particularly mid-day when your inbox is finally (somewhat) tamed, meeting schedules are cleared, and you’re ready to power through the rest of the workday. As the aroma and sight of delicious fare hits your senses, it’s all too easy to grab a plate and […]

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La Cocina & Chewse Holiday Partnership

This Holiday season, we’re combining two of our favorite things: delicious food and giving back to our community. We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with La Cocina and giving back 10% of all added meals, until the end of the year, on any order placed with the La Cocina vendors that work with Chewse. La Cocina is a […]

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Fresh Out The Oven – Chewse New Restaurants

Phew! It’s been a busy past couple of months for our Restaurant Partnerships Team. They’ve been working hard to bring on the perfect combination of city favorites and hidden gems to wow your office. Have a look at what’s new: Barzotto Barzotto is a self-defined “American pasta bar.” This neighborhood Mission enclave takes its pasta seriously […]

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Dosa - Happy Hour Menu

Dosa And The Wonders Of South Indian Cuisine

Complex and spicy flavors are the perfect way to welcome November and the Pumpkin Spice Latte comedown, which is why we’ve partnered with Dosa this month to bring you and your office an unforgettable South Indian experience. Hint: If you keep reading, there will be some free treats and chai in your future ;). Emily and Anjan Mitra are […]

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2016-08-24 14.32.50 copy

An SF Guide to Food from Around the World

Let’s face it–traveling around the world to chase the best authentic meals can get expensive. As much as we’d like to, we can’t all pull an Eat Pray Love trip every time we crave some exotic flavors. Luckily for us Bay Area locals, San Francisco is one of the most eclectic cities in terms of global […]

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Office Meal Plan

Why Investing in an Office Meal Plan Can Help Your Business

It doesn’t take a PhD in economics to know that saving money and increasing efficiency are the best ways to keep your business booming. However, it’s tough for an office manager to keep the company’s budget in check, but still make employees feel cared for. Luckily, there’s new research that can help prioritize where you should (and possibly shouldn’t) […]

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9 Spots To Hit Up For 5pm Happy Hour

To the geniuses behind happy hour: thank you from the bottom of our hearts. There is no better way to unwind and hang out with coworkers after a long day in the office. From discounted cocktails, drafts, and wine flights to appetizers and bar snacks, we’ve rounded up some of the best happy hour deals around […]

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Rooftop HH

Facing Culture Changes At A Growing Startup

One of the admitted reasons people join startups is because of the opportunity to build something meaningful in a short period of time, while being immersed in a fast-paced environment that requires on-your-feet thinking; in other words, to experience fast growth. This passion for fast growth is usually paired with a desire to be a part of a strong company culture that values, empowers […]

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7 Best San Francisco Restaurants for Groups

With quirky, tiny coffee shops and hole-in-the-wall sandwich shops on every corner of SF, it can be hard to find a restaurant that can accommodate large groups. Whether you’re hanging out with friends and family for lunch, celebrating a special occasion, or taking the office out for a treat, use this guide to help you find the best […]

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What Happened In May?

Here’s a close look at what went down at Chewse HQ during the month of May: New restaurants May was a busy month for our Restaurant Partnerships Team. Here are 6 of the new restaurants that Chewse is happily working with. Bon Marche: Bon Marche knows how to cook fresh and refined Parisian inspired dishes like no one […]

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Top 9 Best Tofu Dishes For Non-Tofu Lovers

Tofu doesn’t always get a lot of love. Some of us just don’t like it, and while it’s usually the main entree option for vegetarians and vegans, it’s hard to do right. But hey, maybe we just haven’t been adventurous enough when trying different types of tofu? So in order to expand horizons and everyone’s dining menu, we’ve found 9 Bay Area […]

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Puppies At Work!

How to Boost Morale When The Going Gets Tough

As an office manager in the start-up world of San Francisco, I’ve learned that I can expect one thing to be guaranteed: The unexpected is guaranteed. In just the past few months, Chewse has seen our neighborhood gas station nearly light on fire, WiFi go down for unexpected periods of time, and the inevitable daily […]

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What Happened in April?

Our Restaurant Partnerships Team has been hard at work in April and some tasty food is coming your way! New restaurants Shanghai Dumpling King – Dumplings are a cult favorite here at Chewse, so we’re elated to add Shanghai Dumpling King to our family! A Chinese restaurant known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh […]

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Wine tasting team outing

Organizing A Last Minute Team Outing

It’s Tuesday afternoon. Your team just closed a huge contract or reached your company’s critical number, so you decide you need to celebrate ASAP because #itsworthit. But your team isn’t that small anymore, you’re over 40 people. As the office manager you’re in charge of planning the whole thing and you definitely want to make sure it’s memorable. Your mind […]

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Limon Rotisserie

In The Kitchen With… Limón Rotisserie

Our restaurant partners make delicious, balanced food that we get to share with you every week. They use their dishes as a vehicle to build community within your office and each one of their recipes has a story they want to share with you.  Limón Rotisserie is the first of our restaurant partners to feature on our In The Kitchen With… […]

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Admin Appreciation Week

Did you know Administrative Professionals Week is this week (April 24th – April 30th)?! Admin professionals work extremely hard to make offices run smoothly. From creating and up-keeping the office culture, to juggling numerous requests and opinions (and many, many complaints), office admins have one of the hardest jobs and they often do it with a smile on their face. […]

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Bao trio

What’s New In March?

Some cool stuff happened in March and some tasty food is coming your way! New restaurants Grindz – Hawaiian homestyle cooking using local and sustainable ingredients is exactly what Chef Bradley Lum aimed to do when opening Grindz in SF in 2012, and it’s safe to say he’s succeeded. While it’s easy to get a group excited about a Hawaiian […]

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Spaghetti Pasta With Manila Clams

Your New Favorite Pasta Spots In SF

When it comes to Italian food we like to keep it simple, honest and authentic, especially with pasta. We’ve tried quite a few Italian restaurants in San Francisco, and we wanted to share a couple of our favorites that stand out for making their customers feel like family and having delicious pasta. Sotto Mare: It’s no surprise that Sotto […]

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How To Throw A Treat Yo Self Day

Celebrating company wins (both big and small), acknowledging employee accomplishments and treating your office to special days foster gratitude and unity among your team. But your to-do-list in Asana is probably overflowing as is, so here are some simple ideas on how to throw your very own Treat Yo Self Day at your office: Breakfast Bar Imagine coming into […]

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What’s New In February?

Here’s our update on everything Chewse for the month of February! New restaurants Local Mission Market – Delicious, local and seasonal ingredients are the foundation of all of Local Mission Market’s dishes. High quality, tasty meals are two of the most important factors for us when trying new restaurants, so we’ve definitely found a keeper! Some of our […]

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Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.16.49 AM

A Few Of Our Favorite SF Food Trucks

With hundreds of food truck options cruising around the city, San Francisco is one of the best destinations for street eats in the US. And as food lovers they are one of our favorite ways to get high quality, on-the-go food and enjoy a meal outdoors. Here are some of our local favorites: The Chairman: Inspired by Asian street food, The Chairman’s unique […]

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Chewse – How Do I Pronounce It?

One of the first questions many people ask when they see Chewse written for the first time is: “How do you pronounce it, is it chew-sie? Chews?” Which is generally followed by: “How did you guys come up with that name?” Today, we answer those questions! It’s actually pronounced like choose [chooz]. But we get it, hearing it once sometimes […]

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DM Campaign_Postcard version 1

This Office Manager’s 6 Game-Changing Tech Services

Working in San Francisco, arguably the tech hub of the universe, has some serious perks. If there’s one thing that being an Office Manager has taught me, it’s that technology makes everything better. Period. With a to-do list that’s always growing, any way I can save time or energy is an absolute must. These apps […]

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What’s New In January?

Here at Chewse we make sure we would never feed your office something that we haven’t tried, loved and approved and then tried, loved and approved again. Testing every meal and vendor is one of our favorite perks, but we also take it very seriously. So what happens before we on-board a new vendor? Our Restaurant Partnerships […]

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Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.42.36

Top 10 SF Hidden Gem Restaurants On A Budget

Half of the conversations we have in our office are about the new restaurants we’ve tried in any given week. As foodies we love to find the perfect balance between crowd favorites (like Nopa, Zuni Café, or Tony’s Pizza) and hidden gems. But we all know that culinary experiences in the Bay Area tend to […]

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4 Life Lessons Learned as an Office Manager

The daily grind of an Office Love Manager (my official title – how cool is that??) is anything but monotonous. Another day, another life lesson well learned. Now 5 months in, I’ve collected a few tokens of knowledge that expand far beyond the walls of our SOMA office and into my daily life. 1. The […]

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tech gives back

Reinventing The Happy Meal

It’s that time again – time to eat our weight in sugar cookies, dust off the old ugly sweater, drown our organs in festive alcohol, and bask in the glow of way too many twinkly lights. But for all things “sensory overload” that come with the holidays, this is also the time to spend with […]

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Syssitia, from Sparta to San Francisco

Every Thursday evening Chewse celebrates Syssitia. – Syss… what now? – Syssitia! It’s pronounced sɪˈsɪtɪə and spelled τὰ συσσίτια if you’re proficient in Greek. – Got it! I think I have an idea of how to say it now, but what is Syssitia? Syssitia was an ancient Spartan and Cretan tradition. Wait, what? What does […]

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Chewse Referral Program

We’re launching a new referral program this month and wanted to share the news with you! Community is one of our company values. We founded Chewse with the underlying belief that food can bring people together and create strong communities. And thanks to every office we’ve fed and every restaurant we’ve partnered with, we’ve been able to accomplish just that. […]

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How We Show Love Through a Formula

Chewse is a love company. That means we think hard about how to best show love to our customers and restaurant partners. Right after we raised our Series A, Jeff and I sat down and asked ourselves another question: “How do we show love to our team?” We are building a company where we can […]

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building the future at chewse

Building the Future at Chewse

We just closed a new round of funding, and we’ve been thinking a lot about the future. We’ve challenged ourselves to build the best service out there. How do we run an astoundingly great meal program? How do we create a spectacular end-to-end experience? For us to focus on these projects, we’ve had to make […]

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An Open Love Letter

Dear SF & Chewse Community, There’s something we need to tell you. This is more than the “define the relationship” talk, more significant than a Facebook relationship status. We want to take the next step with you, and with $5.9 million closed in Series A funding, we’re more ready than ever. It’s like we’ve known […]

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sneakers the corgi

Sneakers The Corgi Builds Community

Well, you guys, we made it. Chewse is officially #instafamous thanks to our new mascot, Sneakers the Corgi. But this isn’t a story about #instafame. This is a story about community, and how a corgi and a great meal brought a bunch of strangers together… and it’s a little about #instafame. It was Friday afternoon. […]

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Making Lemonade out of Logistics

At Chewse, lunch time is game time. Planning and delivering meals to offices all over town takes a lot of work, and most of the time, things are smooth like butter. Our awesome team of Chewselings work hard to make the whole process work like a charm, but we’d be lying if we said that […]

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team photo

Recipe For An Awesome Team Retreat

This past weekend, the Chewse family caravanned up the California coast to Sonoma County for three days of team building, bonding, and – you guessed it – a whole lot of eating. Here’s our recipe for the best company retreat ever.

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Office Perks of Our Dreams

Most office folks spend around 2,000 hours per year at work. That’s an awful lot of time to not be taking conference calls in a zero gravity room, if you ask us. This office perk wish list is (almost) too good to be true.

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