Chewse Referral Program

We’re launching a new referral program this month and wanted to share the news with you!

Community is one of our company values. We founded Chewse with the underlying belief that food can bring people together and create strong communities. And thanks to every office we’ve fed and every restaurant we’ve partnered with, we’ve been able to accomplish just that. But we want to grow and expand our community here in San Francisco, and that’s where you come in.

We like to use a very simple formula that’ll keep everyone in the equation happy: Awesome Referrals = Awesome Perks.

Chewse Referral Program

So how does it work? What’s in it for me?

  • Have friends whose offices order lunch? Tell us who they are by filling out this form.
  • We’ll reach out to them to tell them more about Chewse.
  • Once they get started with us, you’ll have your pick of:

- A free Massage (50 mins of bliss)

- A free Happy Hour for your office

- A 25% Discount on your next Chewse order

  • We’ll also apply a 25% discount to your friends’ first Chewse order.

Easy enough, right?

Also, it doesn’t matter if your friends aren’t office managers. You probably know many sales people, account managers and engineers who always get jealous when you tell them about your office meal program with Chewse. We’ll be delighted to talk to them as long as their office is located in San Francisco and their team orders food.

You can refer as many friends as you want to receive as many massages, Happy Hours, or discounts as you want. 10 of your referrals ended up using Chewse? Hook your team up with weekly Happy Hours until the end of the year.

Have questions? We’d love to hear and answer them. Call our love hotline (888) 506-6062 or email us at

And like we said, Awesome Referrals = Awesome Perks. So refer away, friend!

Thanks and love,

The Chewse team

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