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What’s Happened in 2017?

What a ride it has been! Strolling through our first 2 quarters of 2017, we couldn’t be more proud of our Chewse family. With the expansion of a new city, that opens the door for new restaurants, new Chewselings, and hungry new customers for us to serve! With the closing of Series B, we’re moving […]

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Chewse – How Do I Pronounce It?

One of the first questions many people ask when they see Chewse written for the first time is: “How do you pronounce it, is it chew-sie? Chews?” Which is generally followed by: “How did you guys come up with that name?” Today, we answer those questions! It’s actually pronounced like choose [chooz]. But we get it, hearing it once sometimes […]

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Syssitia, from Sparta to San Francisco

Every Thursday evening Chewse celebrates Syssitia. – Syss… what now? – Syssitia! It’s pronounced sɪˈsɪtɪə and spelled τὰ συσσίτια if you’re proficient in Greek. – Got it! I think I have an idea of how to say it now, but what is Syssitia? Syssitia was an ancient Spartan and Cretan tradition. Wait, what? What does […]

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sneakers the corgi

Sneakers The Corgi Builds Community

Well, you guys, we made it. Chewse is officially #instafamous thanks to our new mascot, Sneakers the Corgi. But this isn’t a story about #instafame. This is a story about community, and how a corgi and a great meal brought a bunch of strangers together… and it’s a little about #instafame. It was Friday afternoon. […]

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